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The old Tretorn factory in Helsingborg gets a new identity

A new name and a new identity - that's how the summer begins for the old Tretorn factory in Helsingborg, which will become Fabriken1891 in June. Since Wihlborgs took over the property in 2019, we have strived to establish the image of the building without compromising its history. Now the aim is to bring the tenants together and for the public to have a clearer picture of the businesses that are located in the historic building.

Tretorn, Campus, Galoschan and Kadorran - as the saying goes, a beloved child has many names. With its seven floors and 51,000 square metres, the Tretorn factory has left its mark on Helsingborg over the years.

Fabriken1891 - the new identity of the factory

In June we will change our name to Fabriken1891, a name that will reflect the history of the building and at the same time create new associations. The factory was originally opened in 1891 by Helsingborgs Gummifabrik AB, where all kinds of rubber-based products were manufactured until the 1980s. A lot has happened since then and today many different businesses operate in the building - which we wanted to reflect with this new identity.

- Since we took over the property three years ago, the aim has been to clarify what the property stands for and what it actually is today. We noticed very early on that people had different impressions of the building," says Ola Caapsgård, manager of the property, and continues:

- The new name, Fabriken1891, was a natural choice as it emphasizes the history of the building and it draws on the local roots of the place. It has been a factory and in a way it still is now because there is a lot of production and development going on, but in a completely different format.

A stimulating work environment with great opportunities

Kv. Hermes 10, as the property is called, is owned and managed by Wihlborgs and consists of approximately 51,000 m², of which a quarter is used by Lund University. The rest of the space is mostly modern office space and there is also a gym and several restaurants. Together with our partner, the well-known coworking company Mindpark, we offer a pleasant and stimulating working environment for all employees. In addition to large windows which bring in a generous amount of light, the property offers a large courtyard with green areas and vegetation, but also bicycle parking to promote sustainable travel. We now look forward to the new name, together with the new overall approach, to make more people interested in the premises and the opportunities they offer.

Fabriken1891 offers great opportunities for different types of businesses to create a stimulating working environment based on their needs and wishes.

- Fabriken1891 is a development centre. We at Wihlborgs have no restrictions on tenants, and everyone is welcome. With the new name and the new identity, we want to make it clear that the property is open to a wide range of activities," says Ola Caapsgård before concluding:

- This is a long-term effort, we know that it takes time to change names and establish new associations, especially with buildings that have a long history behind them.But we're delighted to be underway with the change and we're very much looking forward to the official opening in June.

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